How do you DO your purpose?

Shaun Smith
Founder, Smith+co


It is important to create meaning, but also to be intentional about delivering this through the interactions your employees and customers have with the brand. We suggest that the challenge for many executives is less about ’having’ a purpose, and more about ’doing’ your purpose.

The most recent edition of Market Leader @TheMarketingSoc features no less than four articles that all speak about the importance of brand purpose. Editor Judie Lannon @JudieLannon concludes her lead article by saying, ”Brands must have meanings that are shared or they are no more than bald products, destined to fall prey to the value extraction of price competition. And the challenge is not only to identify these meanings but to find ways of embedding them so that they become public and widely recognised.”

We couldn’t agree more. In the research we did for our most recent book ’On Purpose, delivering a branded customer experience people love’ #onpurposebook we found that whilst many people subscribe to Simon Sinek’s (@simonsinek) plea to ’Start with Why’, few brands understand HOW to operationalise this.  
Our title, ’On Purpose’ speaks to both the need to create meaning, but also to be intentional about delivering this through the interactions your employees and customers have with the brand. We suggest that the challenge for many executives is less about ’having’ a purpose, and more about ’doing’ your purpose.
To illustrate this, we use a slide in our workshops that shows the purpose statements of three of the best known (and roundly criticised) UK high-street banks. Not only are they almost indistinguishable from one another, but they are a million miles removed from the reality of the customer experience these banks deliver to their unfortunate customers. Contrast this with brands like Metro Bank (@Metro_Bank), Innocent (@innocent) and Lush (@LushLtd) who live their brand purpose every day and trade off short term profit to invest in delivering a truly branded customer experience.
So HOW do these brands do it? We summarised our research by saying that meaningful brands do three things:
They Stand Up – they are clear about their purpose and make decisions in accordance with it. Patagonia (@patagonia) is an excellent example of a brand that puts purpose before profit and whose actions are clearly aligned with its intent to ”Build the best product. Cause no unnecessary harm. Use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis”.
They Stand Out – they demonstrate and dramatise their purpose through the customer experience and, in so doing, differentiate the brand. Southwest Airlines (@SouthwestAir) typifies the branded customer experience. As a result, it happens to be the most profitable airline over the last 43 years.
They Stand Firm – they create a culture that sustains them and they recognise that their purpose serves as a beacon for both customers and employees. Tony Hsieh (@tonyhsieh), CEO of Zappos, talks about ”A company’s culture and a company’s brand are really just two sides of the same coin”.
Of course there is a wealth of detail within these three steps. Our research revealed eight dimensions and 40 behaviours that characterise purposeful brands and we describe these at length in our book. There is insufficient space to do them justice here and because of the interest from many organisations in how to define and implement purpose we are running two masterclasses.
The first will be held in Helsinki on the 24th and 25th of January and will focus on delivering a customer experience that people love. The second is on the 22nd of February in London and will apply these principles to the contact centre as this is becoming such a vital touch-point in the customer journey. We shall show you how to transform your contact centre to an experience centre.
To register for either of these one-off events:
We look forward to meeting you there.


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Shaun Smith, Founder, Smith+co”The experience you deliver to your customers every day, through every transaction, direct and indirect,  either builds value for your brand or destroys it.
– Shaun Smith, Founder, Smith+co


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