VR Group

VR new travel concept on to new tracks

Shirute benchmarked the competition and sparred VR in launching their future service experience program.

The benchmark study and visualised concept of the future online service worked well as part of designing and planning our new strategy.
Antti Tiitola
Senior Vice President, VR Group Ltd


VR Group is an ecofriendly, versatile company with responsible operations, offering transport, logistics and infrastructure engineering services. As a Finnish transport company, it serves freight service customers and public transport customers with rail and road transport services. VR provides safe, high-quality and environmentally benign transport and logistics services.

The goal of VR is to increase the use of railroad services and create better customer experiences for its main passenger services customer groups: commuters, business travellers, families and students. In order to do this, it needs to increase its punctuality, renew pricing and increase the quality of customer services.


Shirute conducted a benchmarking study, and concretized and visualised VR Group’s future travel concept, with special focus on the online services. With the help of Shirute, VR was able to begin its development process to modify the service experiences of its customers, both for passenger services and the multichannel customer services.

  • Competitor intelligence regarding passenger service companies and their multichannel offering
  • A concrete, visualised concept for future travel services that introduces new services for VR’s customers, increases sales and brings in ancillary revenues
  • Ideas to make providing better customer experiences both before and during the journey, as well as at the final destination, possible right away