Gaining a clear understanding of the future of payment methods in gaming

Veikkaus learned about payment trends and customer needs and paying behavior with the help of Shirute.

Shirute researched the preferences and practices of our customers, and brought about a thorough awareness, understanding and vision about payment trends. Veikkaus gained significant amounts of new knowledge about the problematics related to payments and their effects on our own business.
Harri Järvinen
Product Group Manager, Veikkaus


Veikkaus is a Finnish lottery for Finnish players, offering high quality gaming entertainment reliably, safely and responsibly. It operates in a challenging and highly regulated business environment.

Technology and new innovations transform consumer behavior, also as regards to paying and payment methods. At the same time, regulations limit the possibilities to respond to customer needs. For instance, the existing laws on gambling prohibit paying with credit. Veikkaus wants to stay up-to-date on this development, and to anticipate its effects on the business. In this way, it can react promptly to changing customer behaviour.


In this project, Shirute Ltd studied customers’ paying behavior and preferences for buying lottery products. Shirute used these results and trend research, to envision future scenarios for payment methods and their effect on the operational environment. Armed with this knowledge, Veikkaus can create even better customer experiences in the years to come.

  • An understanding of consumers’ current paying & buying behavior and preferences
  • Latest knowledge on existing and future payment methods
  • Tools & up-to-date information to drive further future scenario planning and to prepare for different outcomes
  • Common vision on the need to follow the development of payment methods