Better Voice of Customer with the help of the audit

With Shirute CEM Audit Elisa was able to get a better overall picture of the state of the Voice of Customer. The results offered information that Elisa was able to use immediately on other ongoing projects.

Shirute's CEM Audit gave us a good overview of our Voice of Customer skills by gathering different perspectives of our strengths and weaknesses from across the organisation. It was also important for us that we could benchmark us against other companies. We have been able to use the results of this project immediately to prioritise our development activities.
Noora Lainio
Sales Director, SMB Customers, Elisa
Shirute's CEM Audit and the broad external evaluation of our know-how is a great tool to take CEM forward within our organisation. For us, it has taken the topic one notch higher. It would be useful to do the audit frequently.
Jouni Petrow
Customer Experience Director, Elisa
The value of Shirute's CEM Audit is in the opportunity of taking the topic forward in the organisation based on the results.
Merja Vane-Tempest
Customer Experience Development, Elisa


Elisa is a pioneer in telecommunications and digital services. At the heart of the company’s values is customer centricity and continuous development around the theme. Elisa wanted to gather different views of the state of the Voice of Customer with Shirute Cem Audit to further improve their customer insight.


With the help of the successfully conducted audit project Elisa received a broad overall view of the strengths and development points related to the processes and tools used in Voice of Customer. The project was started by interviewing all the key executives, decision makers and workers in private or in group interviews. The theme interviews covered a big part of the employees working with the VoC from all the different levels of the organisation. To deepen the understanding of the current state, a VoC focused survey was conducted. Based on the interviews and the survey results Elisa received company-specific overall results, analysis, conclusions and suggestions for development areas.

Elisa was able to gather views broadly and analyse the level of their know-how on the topic at hand. With Shirute’s audit and evaluation tools they can fine-tune their state of VoC that is already on advanced level. The results were immediately usable on another ongoing projects. The possibility of using the results to take the topic forward in the organisation was seen as one of the project’s merits. Also Shirute’s know-how about the international state and best practices on the topic were seen as value adding elements to the project. The project group saw audit taking the topic a notch higher in the organisation and they also saw benefits in redoing the project regularly in the future.

  • Cross-section of the views about the state of Voc from different levels and parts of the organisation
  • The results of the audit were immediately usable for other ongoing projects
  • The results were used to communicate the current situation in the company
  • Based on the evaluation decisions about new plans and actions can be done
  • The possibility to benchmark with uniform audit concept