CX Masterclass – common customer experience framework for the organisation

The CX Masterclass, implemented by Shirute, improved the knowledge and skills of Elisa’s personnel in designing customer experiences. The participants have been able to use the lessons learned from the masterclass in their client work immediately.

The CX Masterclass training helps organisations to find a common framework to customer experience management and development.
Katja Bäckström
Director, Digitalisation Solution, Elisa


Elisa has long been one of the leading companies in its field in terms of digital self-service and customer service solutions. For this reason, continuous development and keeping up with the newest trends plays an essential role in their business. One of the most critical areas is the customer-centered development both within their own activities and in co-operation with Elisa’s corporate customers.

Several Elisa employees participated in the open CX Masterclass organised by Shirute. They were convinced of the content of the training to the extent that they wanted to benefit more widely from the lessons offered by this training. The aim was to use the best practices that were introduced to create, implement and roll out a shared, customer-oriented framework.




Shirute organized a two-day CX Masterclass for Elisa’s self-services and customer service solutions team as an internal coaching. The training was conducted under the guidance of British CX guru Ian Golding and international CX expert Sirte Pihlaja.

At CX Masterclass, the different areas of customer experience development and management were comprehensively and practically walked through. The training consisted of plenty of tasks and exercises that were conducted as teamwork. Furthermore, CX Masterclass included case examples from different industries selected according to Elisa’s wishes, which were introduced by representatives of customer companies from around the world.

As a pre-assignment, participants were involved in thinking about customer experience management capabilities with the help of Shirute’s CEM Benchmark. The results were analysed and reviewed together, which provided a sound basis to spend two days together on a journey through the CX Masterclass.

The training program continued with a one-day course organised by Shirute for Elisa to prepare the attendees to take the CCXP certification. Many participants were interested in completing the certificate. The Elisa attendees were introduced to the criteria for the completion of the CCXP certification and were given practical advice and excercises to get ready to pass this globally highly appreciated certificate.

The day-long training covered possible types of questions and practical tips for answering them. The aim was to enable as many participants as possible to complete this international certificate of CX competence and to develop their own skills.


  • Shared customer understanding and CX framework
  • A common language to discuss customer experience development
  • A unified way of working
  • Practical tools and methods
  • Direction for future development measures
  • Skills and tips for completing the CCXP certificate