Shirute introduces a new wave of omni-channel marketing

The new customer experience solution puts the consumer in the driver’s seat by combining context-based customer communications with Voice of Customer

Customer experience agency Shirute has partnered with its network of experts to unite real-time customer experience monitoring and context-based marketing and service communications. The omni-channel marketing solution reaches regular customers and random shoppers visiting a store in a novel, engaging and inspiring fashion.

The service concept introduced by Shirute revolutionizes brick-and-mortar sales, because it takes into account and affects the whole customer life cycle of today’s omni-channel consumer.

“Retailers often get information on their customers only after they’ve made their purchase and left the store. Most customers, however, begin their journey with the brand online long before they arrive in the shop. Consumers expect that the company knows them and utilizes all the information they have collected about the shopper in their various touch points. But only a select few brands design store experiences based on real customer understanding. We solve this problem, and enable the store personnel to become their customers’ trusted expert friends. And the digital store assistant serves the customer even when all the store personnel are involved with other customers. People don’t need to wait in line anymore to be served”, explains CEO Sirte Pihlaja from Shirute.

”It’s a true 360. We provide retailers with the unique opportunity to fit their sales and marketing efforts to react differently to each customer, moment and location. We also collect customer insight and feedback regarding these encounters. If needed, we can integrate stock information, logistics and mobile payments, too. The whole journey is designed from the customer viewpoint, i.e. what kind of a shopping experience they want. Such a revolutionary, customer-oriented and all-encompassing solution has not yet been available on the market. Experiments so far have been grounded on a tech perspective.”

Intelligent customer encounters and efficient analysis

The service helps the customer by displaying informative messages on her smartphone carefully crafted along the customer journey: as she enters the store, while in-store, and when leaving the premises. These messages can be targeted and tailored based on customer preferences and purchase history. In addition, the published content can be different depending on the time and day. They can be varied on a campaign, store, and product level.

The solution consists of a survey tool, content management system, mobile application and beacon technology that have been combined to provide a seamless customer experience. Advanced analytics let the storekeeper analyze customer paths and reactions to the mobile content released in the store context. Furthermore, the shopping experience developers can monitor and analyze the real-time feedback provided by customers in a visual reporting environment, and distribute the insights to the organization at large. Reporting can be automated, and business rules defined to delegate the needed actions automatically.

”We are excited about this joint offering. It makes the customer experience of the future possible by presenting the customer as an equal influencer in the decision-making and the development of service processes of the business. As a result, companies can provide better customer experiences and increase the motivation of their personnel. Businesses enjoy healthy growth, as they become more efficient and profitable”, describes Experq CEO Olli-Kristian Tukonen.

“The great thing about this solution is that it works equally well at sports arenas, shopping malls, travel destinations, fairs and museums. We are currently looking into pilots in different industries. The key to success is that the customer journey has been researched and identified well. That helps us to make the concept as fitted to the target group needs as possible. The concept works especially well for reaching regular customers”, Pihlaja reminds.


Shirute introduces the new solution concept at the Slush event on Thursday Nov 12th at 11-12 at the Aalto University stand (B3 Hall 6-7) together with two case examples (Moomin World, Rovio Angry Birds concept store) developed by Liki Solutions.

Shirute is a creative, competent and enthusiastic customer experience agency delivering business excellence to systematically plan, create, manage and measure engaging customer experiences in all customer interaction channels. Our Customer Experience Path® offering can be applied to developing cross-channel customer experiences across different industries. We are a founding member of the international Customer Experience Professionals Association.

Liki Solutions helps clients understand the constantly changing digital field and the goals involved in making it in the digital world. Our expertise is available to you when you are planning and implementing your business strategies and solutions, and want to transform your needs into measurable solutions. 

Experq gathers, analyzes and uses information from the customers of service-oriented companies to produce material for operational efficiency, strategic decision-making and internal and external marketing. Our Mirror-software automatically collects huge amounts of feedback and turns it instantly into actionable information on all levels of your organization.



Additional information: CEO Sirte Pihlaja, Shirute, gsm (050) 5700 190

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