Social and healthcare sector professionals

Customer satisfaction as a competitive advantage in the social and health care services

With the help of a training organized by Management Institute of Finland the social and healthcare sector’s marketing and communication professionals gained tools to develop their customer experiences.


A very useful and interesting training day. Group work improved my learning tremendously.
The instructor's style of teaching was very exhilarating.
Thank you for a very inspiring day! An extra bonus for keeping me awake, even though I had very little sleep the previous night. :-)


The Management Institute of Finland MIF requested for Shirute to help organize customer experience training for social and health sector professionals as part of preparations for the upcoming changes in the industry.

With the help of Shirute’s training, the social and health care marketing and communication’s professionals got to learn about the importance of customer satisfaction as part of building a competitive advantage.


The participants received an eye-opening introduction into customer experience development. They were introduced to customer experience from the perspective of competitive advantage and tools that marketing and communication people themselves can use to influence customer experience in their organisations.

Through team discussions, they learned about the role of marketing and communication people in relation to customer experiences in their respective organisations.

As part of the training, the participants also got to try out the new tools and methodologies for CX development for a real-life case example. In the workshop part, they e.g. got to recognize and build customer personas and journeys.

  • An understanding of customer experience as a competitive advantage
  • Customer experience knowledge needed in the job roles of the participants in their own organisations
  • Tools and methodologies for developing customer experiences
  • Capability to influence customer experience from own professional background