Shirute CX Play​
for Customer Experience Professionals

Strengthen your Customer Experience

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    Learn and get a deeper understanding of your business operations in the most imaginative way possible.
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    Understand the weaknesses you need to address before it becomes increasingly difficult. 
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    Channel your inner creativity. Learn from your colleagues' point of view, and remind yourself the core values on a silver Lego plate.

Learn to Play Again - Seriously!

As the competition intensifies, customer understanding and customer experience development have become an integral part of any organisation’s strategy. Developed by our specialists, Shirute CX Play helps you in building better customer experiences and improving the customer understanding within your organisation. Build your business to new heights, with the use of simple Lego bricks. 


The LEGO® Serious Play method has been used internationally for many years, to develop the business for a variety of companies and organisations. The results speak for themselves.  LEGO® Serious Play® changes the way people think and aims to develop businesses in a whole new way.

“The training provided an excellent starting point in examining complex large entities and identifying the key problem areas. This training gave me a great basis. In the future, I would love to use this tool with many others in my organisation.” 

- Petri Lagervist, Business Development Specialist, Caruna, Electricity company


Strengthen and broaden 
your organisational understanding

No hierarchies. No limits. Just pure creativity. 

Get Ready for...

A new vantage point to develop future customer experiences

"The CX Play workshop gave us a really nice boost to kick off our year as a newly established organization and helped people from different teams to get to know each other a bit better. Lego Serious Play offered us a fun way for innovating and exploring different solutions to these challenges together."

Iiris Lahti, Head of Online Performance Unit, Sanoma Group, multi-channel media and learning company

Take part in a Shirute CX Play workshop. See how much you can learn, and book more workshops!


Do you think you are providing your customers with the best experiences? Are you sure you are focusing on the right things? What mistakes are you making and are you learning from them? 


Shirute CX Play​
brings you the following benefits:


Make the Abstract Concrete

 An abstract that has been concreted can foster the connection between what's on paper and what can be build with Legos, and vice versa. With our workshops, you are able to effectively demonstrate building better customer experiences and strategies.


Emotional Engagement

Legos develop problem solving and mathematical thinking. To anyone in any organisation - These workshops will challenge your critical thinking whilst being able to effectively communicate your own perspective of any topic.


Better People Experiences

We provide you access to a new language that makes you think and speak in an entirely different way – with your hands! To tackle real life problems, you must be able to listen to the different facades of perspectives, whether from your colleagues or clients.

"It was amazing to see how the most quiet colleagues started telling stories with the help of Legos. That really convinced me of the method we were using."

- Reetta Viitanen, Customer Experience Leader, Nordea Life Assurance

Build Better People Experiences


You Need
Customer Understanding 
for Competitive Differentiation

When you want to build unique, distinctive, and superior customer experiences, you must first change your mindset. Differentiation is not possible with the same familiar techniques that your competitors are using.

With our expert coaching, you can take your organisation’s customer experience to a whole new level. We use Legos to build an overview of each unique customer encounter. Why? Because it helps highlight the strategic importance of customer experiences and intentional journey management to your entire organisation.

See your Business
Grow and Transform

As the purchasing behaviours of consumers change, maintaining a strong relationship with your customers and developing these relationships continuously support the success of your business. Utilising customer understanding will clearly set your organisation apart from your competitors.

Learn a New Language to Overcome Organisational Silos

We provide you access to a new language that makes you think and speak in an entirely different way – with your hands! By using this creative method, you will realise in a concrete fashion, what the factors are that influence how customer experiences are created, and discuss your options to improve openly with other participants. With Legos, you strengthen your team spirit and commitment to achieve common goals.

Get a New Vantage Point to Future Customer Experiences

LEGO® Serious Play® offers the building blocks you need by concretely highlighting the current, past, and future of your company’s customer experiences. Tosi Leikki – CX Play coaching accelerates the development of your customer experiences, and helps you to start building superior customer experiences for your organisation.

Develop Customer
Understanding Together

By using this method, you will identify the different internal and external factors that influence your own operations. It will also allow you to evaluate the different scenario outcomes. It is easier to bring new ideas to the table, and question old ways of working. As a result, you can take very significant steps moving your business forward.

"Lego Serious Play is very refreshing, fun, and overall challenging to my skills and abilities, as well as thinking. The physical Lego building is very rewarding."

- Anne Mikkilä, Customer Experience Director, Tieto, Nordic software and services company

Get Seriously Creative with Shirute CX Play


A Tool for
Multiple Applications

In strategic development, evaluate relations with external partners. In organisational development, for management team, and individual employees. In change management, facilitate and implement structural changes. In production development and innovation, unleash creative thinking and transform ideas into concrete concepts.

Visualise and Explore
Complex Situations

LEGO® Serious Play® is a unique tool, where people have to work with complex challenges, achieve common understanding  and find common solutions. With the help of LEGO® Serious Play®, you will earn visibility for your organisation, and will be able to observe internal and external dynamics, explore various scenarios and gain awareness about the variety of opportunities. 

Wanna Play It Out
Before Getting Serious?
Join Our Open Sessions

We organise open LEGO® Serious Play® every now and then. Join us to see how LEGO® Serious Play® can change the way you think, and how your organisation could get the best out the people who you work with. What are you waiting? Get ready to think creatively! Don't think, just build!

"Tosileikki allowed me to develop new skills, boost creativity and imagination and understand the company through modeling. It was great fun and an intensive brain gym at the same time. Well-organised workshop that targets your creativity with specific tools through abstract concepts. Hands-on experience with results to take and share with colleagues."

- Veronika Kiseleva, Programmatic and Ad Operations Manager, Flowplayer, all-around solution for online video


Strengthen and broaden 
your organisational understanding

No hierarchies. No limits. Just pure creativity. 

"It was a definite eye-opener to all! This specific session was most suitable for a team responsible for reorienting a strategy. Lego Serious Play coaching was instrumental in challenging our creativity."

- Nora London Development Manager, Government ICT Centre Valtori

Do a favor for your customers 
and your organisation

When working with LEGO® Serious Play®, you will use three-dimensional thinking by creating and constructing metaphors to describe real situations your organisation may face. Building landscape models with LEGO bricks, giving them meaning through storytelling, and playing out possible scenarios deepens mutual understanding and creates strong bonds between the participants. 

Now is the best moment to start focusing on customer experiences, the bricks work as a catalyst –  and by building and sharing stories, it allows the simplification of complex situations. Additionally, the LEGO models compose new meaning from your present situations by adding different facades to your perspective.

"The training was eye-opening and helped me process information from a different perspective."

- Kiia Aarnio, Store manager, Benetton Group

  • Get ready to give your brain a hand and think creatively
  • Discuss abstract issues with your organisation in a concrete way
  • Get into flow and come up with novel solutions
  • Play future scenarios together
  • Grow and transform your business

Move your play to a serious level

The price of Shirute CX Play TosiLeikki is now for a limited time only 3500€/session. Ask for our packages!


Strengthen and broaden 
your organisational understanding

No hierarchies. No limits. Just pure creativity. 

"Analysing and idea sharing is instructive. An excellent tool to rethink things from a different perspective."

- Linda Bremer, Store manager,


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