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for Customer Experience Professionals

LEGO® Serious Play® Sparks Conversations.

The LEGO® Serious Play® method helps your organisation develop its Customer Understanding and build better People Experiences through creative thinking and PLAY.  With Shirute’s CX Play®, your team can evaluate different scenario outcomes and find common goals for the future. Get ready to change your mindset and bring more PLAY into your business! 

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We offer our LEGO Serious Play workshops also online and as hybrid versions.

Strengthen and broaden 
your organisational understanding

No hierarchies. No limits. Just pure creativity. 

"The CX Play workshop gave us a really nice boost to kick off our year as a newly established organization and helped people from different teams to get to know each other a bit better. Lego Serious Play offered us a fun way for innovating and exploring different solutions to these challenges together."

Iiris Lahti, Head of Online Performance Unit, Sanoma Group, multi-channel media and learning company

Build Better People Experiences

You Need
Customer Understanding 
 for Competitive Differentiation

When you want to build unique, distinctive, and superior customer experiences, you must first change your mindset. Differentiation is not possible with the same familiar techniques that your competitors are using.

With our expert coaching, you can take your organisation’s customer experience to a whole new level. We use LEGO bricks to build an overview of each unique customer encounter.

See your Business
Grow and Transform

As the purchasing behaviours of consumers change, maintaining a strong relationship with your customers and developing these relationships continuously support the success of your business. Utilising customer understanding will clearly set your organisation apart from your competitors.

CX Play® helps highlight the strategic importance of customer experiences and intentional journey management to your entire organisation.

Learn a New Language to Overcome Organisational Silos

 We provide you access to a new language that makes you think and speak in an entirely different way – with your hands! By using our creative CX Play® method, you will realise in a concrete fashion, what the factors are that influence how customer experiences are created, and discuss your options to improve openly with other participants. With LEGO bricks, you strengthen your team spirit and commitment to achieve common goals.

A Vantage Point to Future Customer Experiences

LEGO® Serious Play® offers the building blocks you need by concretely highlighting the current, past, and future of your company’s customer experiences. Our CX Play® coaching accelerates the development of your customer experiences, and helps you to start building superior customer experiences for your organisation.

Developing Customer
Understanding Together

Using CX Play®, you will identify the different internal and external factors that influence your own operations. It will also allow you to evaluate the different scenario outcomes. It is easier to bring new ideas to the table, and question old ways of working. As a result, you can take very significant steps moving your business forward.

Strengthen and broaden 
your organisational understanding

No hierarchies. No limits. Just pure creativity. 

"Lego Serious Play is very refreshing, fun, and overall challenging to my skills and abilities, as well as thinking. The physical Lego building is very rewarding."

- Anne Mikkilä, Customer Experience Director, Tieto, Nordic software and services company

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