Hotel Helka

The suggested improvements drove recommendations and average room rates for design hotel

Hotel Helka received a clear picture of the guests’ and clients’ service requirements, and understood the whole picture of their customer dialogue and service processes. By quickly taking steps to implement Shirute’s advice, Helka has been able to increase its visibility and the business value it gets from referential marketing.

Shirute provided fresh and interesting views to customer experiences, and awakened us to think about our customers in a totally new way.
Henry Laine
Managing Director, Hotelliyhtymä


Hotel Helka is a centrally located independent hotel, which focuses on Finnish design. It is a Helsinki 2012 World Design Capital year Signature hotel.

Hotel Helka wanted to develop the customer experiences of its guests and find out, how it could find new customer groups. That is why it needed more information on its consumer and corporate customers’ buying behavior related to accomodation, and a view of the future developments. Hotel Helka asked Shirute to help out with the customer interviews needed to gain a better understanding of consumption habits, and to evaluate based on this information its customer encounters with current and potential customers from a customer point of view.


Hotel Helka asked Shirute to do as part of Business Fit™ audit a customer research, which focused on its different target groups. The goal was to understand the buying behaviour of hotel customers – both guests and those in charge of the bookings, as well as their preferences regarding the booking process and accomodation. In addition, the hotel staff and management were interviewed, in order to evaluate how well their views on the customer experience are aligned with the guests and other clients. Also the customer data quality and development opportunities were investigated.

Based on the audit results, Hotel Helka’s customer experience management maturity level was scored. Armed with these conclusions and recommendations, Helka can make informed decisions on where it should invest to improve the customer experiences and how to use customer data to serve them better.

  • A clear view of hotel customer processes regarding booking and buying and preferences for hotel services of Helka’s very own customer groups
  • Customer and expert evaluations of current customer dialogue and customer service processes
  • Data quality assessment and immediate activity recommendations to improve customer data
  • Recommendations and roadmap for developing the customer experience management organisation and processes