Shirute CEM Analysis
for Customer Experience Professionals

Get ready to...

  • Learn how systematically Customer Experience is managed in your organization 
  • Find out where your organisation should focus on to perform better
  • Learn what you and your colleagues should do next to create better customer experiences

 Do you know what you should focus on to 
make your customers happier?

Need recommendations on what to do next to serve your customers better?

Want to get the state of your Customer Experience Management analysed?  

Wondering what you should pay more attention to?

Shirute CEM Analysis tells your state of Customer Experience Management and gives you recommendations on what to do next to get better. The analysis is conducted on your CEM Benchmark results. The aim of this is to let you know more about how you could make your customers happier with better customer experiences.

The analysis extends to all the vital areas of good Customer Experience Management. By doing so, it gives you an overall picture of your current capabilities. It also tells you which areas are in good condition, and where you should put your focus to get to the next level.

“With the help of this survey, you can position and compare your own company in the same context with others: which elements does good CEM consist of, what are the things that we should improve, and what may have been neglected in our work. No one can afford to stay out of this now.”

- Jarkko Kuisma Director, Client Experience, Evli Bank

Get on the Fast Track with Shirute CEM Analysis

A deeper expert analysis of your CEM Benchmark results. With recommendations.

What You'll Get ...

Analysed results of your own capability scoring and recommendations on what to do to become better at Customer Experience Management!

"This is the most comprehensive CEM Benchmark I’ve participated in - for several years now. It makes us truly take a moment and think about our customers and what more we can do for them. We also find it very useful to see how we are doing compared to other organisations in different industries. This understanding challenges us to grow even further."

Noora Lainio, Sales Director, Telesales, Retail & Online Channels, Corporate Customers, Elisa, Telecom and digital services provider

Try the CEM Analysis out yourself and learn what could be done next. 

Are you happy with the customer experiences your organization is providing? Are you sure that you are putting effort on the right things? Would you like to have happier customers? 

Shirute CEM Analysis 
brings you the following benefits:

Communication tool

Use the analysis to communicate the importance of the investments on customer experience in your organisation.

Improvement ideas

You get concrete improvement ideas to take your Customer Experience Management to the next level.

Happier customers

Learn to manage Customer Experience more systematically and  start providing better customer experiences. 

"I definitely recommend participating in this survey! The topic is relevant and important. By answering
the survey, one can get a good idea of the general level of development of CX in their own and other companies."

- Johanna Laakso, Head of Customer Experience Development, Finavia, Finnish airport operator

What Shirute CEM Analysis Provides

Take our survey, get the analysis and take action  

15 minutes is all the time you will need to take the Shirute CEM Benchmark survey. Add just a few minutes to get more out of the results!

Once you have ordered the Shirute CEM Analysis, you can sit back and enjoy the ride. In 2-3 business days, you will receive our analysis, and take action to improve your Customer Experience Management accordingly!

The analysis adds value 
to your results

Get your Customer Experience Management efforts analysed by our seasoned CX professionals, and get to know whether you are doing the right things! We will also help you by pointing out which areas need more focus and action for you to get to the next level. 

Concrete recommendations for your next steps

 Before you can do something effectively, you need to know what makes sense to put your effort in. With the Shirute CEM Analysis,  you get  concrete recommendations from us on what to do next.    

"Answering this survey provides with an eye-opening moment. The survey is well constructed and does not take much time to respond. With such valuable work, where the CX maturity level of one's organisation can be evaluated, it is truly beneficial to all participants to take part in the survey."

- Heidi Vähänikkilä, Brand Manager, Nordic Hospitality Partners

Hungry for more? Get the Shirute CEM Audit

Want an expert view on
your CEM skills?

Ready to dive in deeper to your current state of Customer Experience Management, and to hear what to do next? In addition to our free CEM survey and added-value CEM Analysis, we can also do a CEM Audit to help you see your current strengths and weaknesses, and set you on the right path to reach the next level. This audit consists of interviews with people from your organisation, running and analysing capability-specific questionnaires and using our state-of-the-art software analysis tools to define where you stand.

Do you know what
your customers think of you?

Want to know how successful your Customer Experience Management activities have been from the perspective of your customers? We are glad to help you with finding out your performance level too! Get in touch to hear more.

"I believe that all companies should invest in customer experience management and development, and that all activities related to it are forward-thinking, profitable, and desirable. For this reason, I would recommend this survey to everyone."

- Mika Tuomainen Head of Digital, Suomalainen Kirjakauppa, Largest bookshop chain in Finland

Get on the Fast Track with Shirute CEM Analysis

A deeper expert analysis of your CEM Benchmark results. With recommendations.

"By participating in this survey, you get an overall picture of your own company, and the market situation at large. I got a great perspective on how we benchmark to other companies, and what the current ‘hot topics’ within the industry are."

- Heidi Nurminen Chief Experience Officer, Matkahuolto, Travel and Parcel Services provider

Well-managed Customer Experiences
can make your customers happier

Now is the best moment to start making your customers happier, as your competitors are already doing so. Our analysis includes all of the vital areas of good Customer Experience Management, so that it helps you to focus on what matters right away.

The analysis can be used  to assist you in making forward-looking decisions regarding your business direction. It is easier to communicate the importance of CEM for your organisation with an external analysis, and as you get concrete recommendations on what to do next

"Thanks to this interesting and very useful report, we have been able to see how Elo is positioned compared to other companies. We have also been able to communicate internally what aspects of CX can be developed. We no longer talk merely about measuring CX or the responsibilities of our customer service personnel - this is a much bigger entity."

- Eija Kaipainen-Perttula, Development Director, Customer Relations and Customer Channels,
Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company

  • Get your CEM capabilities  analysed by our CX experts
  • Receive clear numeric data to support decisions
  • Understand the improvement needs of your organisation
  • Know where to set your course and take action

Get your analysis now

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Get on the Fast Track with Shirute CEM Analysis

A deeper expert analysis of your CEM Benchmark results. With recommendations.

"It is important to be up-to-date on these topics. By responding to the survey, we get aware of where we are going. If we are not on the same level as others, understanding this generates a positive push. Similarly, if we are on the same level, we will get a sense of success."

- Kirsi Kawamura, Development manager, Helen, Helsinki City owned energy group


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