Customer Experience 3

"CX3 showcases an extraordinary
community of CX thinkers"

This book is a reflection of how much the discipline has evolved in the past decade, and its chapters are a sign of the intellectual maturity, creativity and emotional intelligence of CX thought leaders around the world.

The contributors hail from many different countries, cultures and backgrounds, but they’re united by a common commitment: to enhance our appreciation of the many aspects of customer experience, and to deepen commitment to it in our own organisations. 

“There’s a welcome mix of quantitative and qualitative analysis in here, with plenty of real-world case studies to accompany theoretical approaches. This is the kind of understanding we need to take the CX discipline to the next stage in its evolutionYou see, in 2021, CX is at a crossroads of possibilities. CX3 showcases an extraordinary community of CX thinkers, one that’s growing all the time.” 

- Neil Skehel, CEO, Awards International

Create a customer-centric culture 
and ensure the sustainable growth of your business

No fear. No doubts. This is the wake-up call you have been waiting for. 

It's Not About You, It's About Them

How do you instil a customer-centric culture in your organisation? 
Featuring the only Nordic writer of this book!

"Building a customer-centric culture always starts from the top. If the captain of your cruise ship doesn’t know where they should be taking it, there is little chance anyone else in the organisation will either."

Sirte Pihlaja, CEO, CCXP, Trained Facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, Shirute Ltd

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Sirte Pihlaja, the CEO of Shirute, is a Finnish CX/EX expert, who has been evangelising CX all over the world during the last 25+ years. Her passion is using creative methodologies in designing great CX and EX. 

Her chapter is about the five steps to take for introducing a customer-centric culture in the organisation.

Get to know Customer Experience 3

The Anticipated Follow-Up To
Best-Selling CX Book Series

In their newly released book, twenty-eight international Customer Experience (CX) professionals share their current best-thinking, strategies and insights for achieving impact and visibility using world-class, best-practice CX principles. This is the anticipated follow-up third volume packed with frontline experience, insight and value for professionals wanting to dramatically enhance the customer experience in their organization. Customer Experience 1 and Customer Experience 2 are also available on Amazon.

Best Practices & Insights
By a Community of CX Thinkers

The book covers a range of topics including: customer-centric culture, organisational adoption and accountability, VoC insight and understanding, CX design and improvement, CX metrics, measurement and ROI, and CX strategy. These are all themes which are critical in making a company genuinely customer-centric and allowing for business growth.

A Collaboration By
28 CX Professionals

Contributors are experienced, qualified CX experts including Neil Skehel (Foreword), Richard Jordan, Sirte Pihlaja, Laura Tengerdi, Stephanie Linville, Francesca Tempestini, Sharon Boyd, Mohamad El-Hinnawi, Marc Karschies, Sandra D P Thompson, Bob Azman, David Wales, Serena Riley, Anita Ellis, Miles Courtney-Thomas, Gabriela Geeson, James Brooks, Daniel Dougherty, Olga Potaptseva, Joanna Carr, Edward Mei, Thomas Fairbairn, Nick Lygo-Baker, Olivier Mourrieras, Gustavo Imhof, Jessica Noble, Gregorio Uglioni, Mandisa Makubalo and Anna Noakes Schulze.

"Building competitive advantage by having a strong customer centered culture is what many organizations are after. But how is it done in practice? How do you make sure you don’t get lost? And how could you easily communicate this topic to your colleagues?

Sirte does not hide behind complex theories or terminology. She has the courage, the competence and a unique ability to bring clarity and make things sound clear, self-evident, and smooth as play. Her text is based on over two decades of experience, insightful, to the point and an enjoyful read. Her chapter is the one to turn to on a cloudier day when the North Star may not be visible, and you need easy-to-use tools to navigate on your CX journey."

- Minna Makki, Customer Experience Lead, Etsimo Healthcare Ltd

Sirte Pihlaja

Sirte Pihlaja (Certified Customer Experience Professional CCXP & Trained Facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®) is the CEO & Customer Experience Optimiser of Shirute, the first customer experience agency in Finland. She is the leader of the global Customer Experience Professionals Association's (CXPA) Finland network and was one of CXPA's founding members and a member of the International Advisory Committee. She is one of the first Europeans to have been certified as a CCXP.

Sirte is an internationally respected CX/EX expert, coach, designer and strategist with over 25 years of experience advising large international corporations and brands in different industries, globally. She is known for translating customer understanding to concrete actions and results in a fast, fun and cost-efficient way. Sirte was recently recognised as a TOP 150 Global Customer Experience Thought Leader. The CXPA has also awarded her the Extra Mile Award.

Customer Experience 3 is her third book on people experiences. The previous one, Customer Experience 2, was a global bestseller on three continents.

At Shirute, Sirte delivers creative solutions in customer experience management, research and experience design, CX culture, data analytics, voice of customer, and through omni-channel CX & service design. She is excited about using creative methodologies, such as LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, in creating great CX and EX.

Sirte is passionately championing CX in the Nordics, South-East Asia and beyond and is a familiar face in international CX Awards juries and conference stages. She is especially fond of creative methodologies and regularly plays with LEGO bricks together with her clients to create a better future for all of us.

Create a customer-centric culture 
and ensure the sustainable growth of your business

No fear. No doubts. This is the wake-up call you have been waiting for. 

"Sirte's chapter is a precious compass in the hands of those who approach Customer Experience and need a global idea of what to do and why. Its clear language and perfect metaphor makes it very easy to understand how to operate the CX magic to make the transformation happen."

- Francesca TempestiniExport manager at FARAONE srl. Enthusiastic disseminator of The Disney Approach

Interviews & Keynotes

Listen to our experts talking about 
People Experiences and the Role of PLAY in Business.

The CX Leader Podcast with Steve Walker: Let’s Play!

A toy that continues to be a popular choice for both parents and kids is LEGO®. So named after the Danish phrase to “play well”, LEGO® bricks and playsets are still a best-selling product today. So you might be asking, “what does this have to do with customer experience?” Host Steve Walker welcomes Sirte Pihlaja, CEO and customer experience optimizer for Shirute, a customer experience research and strategy company, to discuss how she utilizes the LEGO® Serious Play® method to build better customer experiences.

Learn more about Shirute at

Read more about the LEGO® Serious Play® method for CX professionals:

Lego Serious Play Method | Sirte Pihlaja talks to Engati CX

Sirte Pihlaja a Customer Experience Optimiser, CCXP, and Trained LEGO® Serious Play® Facilitator talks about the Lego Serious Play Method and how can we actually build a Better Business using this method.

Sirte is awarded as the Top 33 Inspiring Women in CX to follow for 2022-



Paremman työelämän puolesta Podcast: Mittaatko vai kuunteletko asiakasta? - Näin parannat asiakaskokemusta (in Finnish)

Asiakaskokemuksen johtaminen kehittyy hitaasti mutta varmasti. Aikanaan lähdettiin pitkälti ajatuksesta, että asiakaskokemus on sama kuin asiakaskokemuksen mittaaminen. Asiakasta pitää oikeasti kuunnella ja kuulla, ei vain mitata organisaation sisältä käsin.

Sirte Pihlaja ja Tuomo Talvitie keskustelevat podcastissa, mitä asiakaskokemus oikeasti on, mitä kaikkea siihen liittyy ja mikä on yritysten ja organisaatioiden minimivaatimus digitaalisuuden suhteen? Saat myös vinkkejä ensimmäisiin steppeihin asiakaskokemuksen analysointiin ja parantamiseen. 

Lopuksi Sirte avaa mielenkiintoista LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® -konseptia, joka auttaa strukturoimaan ja mallintamaan asiakaskokemusta aivan uudelle tasolle.

All Things Considered CX with Bob Azman | Sirte Pihlaja - CX Play

Are you still “playing around” with your CX initiatives? Maybe it’s time you took your CX play more seriously! Listen to my thoughts on this episode of All Things Considered CX with Bob Azman by Innovative CX Solutions and the CX of M Radio podcast network. During our podcast, I shared our approach in utilizing this technique as well as other nuggets of wisdom gained from my over 25 years of experience in advising large corporations and brands in various industries and countries.

CX Mechanic - Interview with Sirte Pihlaja

Episode 3 of the CX Mechanic introduces Sirte Pihlaja CXPA lead from Finland and CEO of Shirute a CX and EX consultancy. In this episode we look at Lego Serious Play and the benefits of play in CX innovation, design and creativity.

Playing your way to a stand out customer experience - Interview with Sirte Pihlaja

In this interview, I joined Adrian Swinscoe from Punk CX Podcast to talk about happiness, creativity, why we need more fun in our business and CX lives, Lego and some serious playing.

Voices of CX Podcast: S7E9: Play Your Way to 3-Dimensional Thinking with Sirte Pihlaja

I joined @worthix CMO Mary Drumond to talk all about using play to unlock creativity in the workplace and why it is both important and beneficial to have in any line of work.

WOW Summit '21: How Do You Build a Playful Culture? LEGO Serious Play + EX with Sirte Pihlaja

In my talk, I share my ideas on how to build a playful business culture. I am a passionate creative methodologies facilitator, and love to explain how LEGO Serious Play can be used to design better customer and employee experiences through CX Play. Would you like to grow a sustainable business in a fun and exciting way? Then this talk is right up the alley for you!

Customer First Show: Unlocking The Creative Mind To Create Positive Impact For Your Team And Your Customers‪

In the Customer First Show, we hear from experts and practitioners about how to put customers at the heart of your business.

In this episode, I talk to Finland’s premier CX Ambassador, Sirte Pihlaja, who tells us about her concept, using Lego to make people open their creative sides.

Sirte Pihlaja, bestselling author and CX expert, can be found here:

The Customer First Show is a series of interviews with global CX experts who share their knowledge and insights on CX best practices hosted by Naeem Arif - CX enabler and business transformation consultant.

Watch the talk:

Listen to the podcast: 

Get Ready, Get Serious, PLAY!

What is the role of PLAY in business? BIG time. We all need to find out how to tap into the inner child within us and become more creative for businesses to grow. There’s no other way to come out of this crisis than to allow ourselves space to think differently. We can’t go back to the old, so let’s embrace the new normal.

Sirte Pihlaja, the CEO of Shirute, is a Finnish CX/EX expert, who has been evangelising CX all over the world during the last 25+ years. Her passion is using creative methodologies in designing great CX and EX. That is why she wrote in the best-selling Customer Experience 2 book about customer-centric culture and on the Role of Play in Business. She introduces LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® - a methodology that LEGO created for themselves when they needed to renew their business, as they were facing significant financial difficulties - not very much unlike the present.

Webinar: Leikin rooli liiketoiminnan kehittämisessä (in Finnish)

Tiedätkö, mikä merkitys leikillä ja luovuudella on asiakas- ja työntekijäkokemuksen sekä kannattavan bisneksen kehittämisessä?

Luovuus, leikki ja kyky ajatella laatikon ulkopuolelta ovat kriittisiä menestystekijöitä mille tahansa organisaatiolle, joka on kiinnostunut asiakkaistaan. Näitä kyvykkyyksiä tarvitsee myös jokainen työntekijöidensä hyvinvoinnista välittävä yritys. Jos siis teillä halutaan paitsi selviytyä, myös menestyä nyt ja tulevaisuudessa - kannattaa kuunnella mitä ajatuksia jaoin aiheesta webinaarissamme.

Katso puheenvuoro:

Tutustu Shiruten Tosileikkiin:

CX2 Book Discussion: CX Insights with Ian Golding & Sirte Pihlaja 

Ian Golding interviews Sirte Pihlaja of Shirute about her greatest passion, People Experiences and LEGO(R) Serious Play(R). In this discussion, Sirte talks about the chapter she wrote in the Customer Experience 2 book on the importance of PLAY in business.

Customer Experience Superheroes - Series 4 Episode 1 The power of Lego Serious Play

In this episode we meet up with Sirte Pihlaja to hear about the CX value of Lego Serious Play (LSP). The creative workshop technique is proving a hit with corporate audiences enabling colleagues to unlock their inner creativity and build better solutions.

As CEO of Shirute in Finland, Sirte has trained to become a specialist at running Lego Serious Play workshops.

We hear how the technique is helping companies to tackle all manner of challenges, but it proves particularly useful to visualise customer experience scenarios and improvements.

Sirte, along with the CX Superheroes host Christopher Brooks is a contributor to the latest edition in the Customer Experience series. Sirte covers LSP in her chapter in Customer Experience 2.

When ReCX talked CX with Sirte Pihlaja from Shirute

Sirte is another of my fellow co-authors, whose chapter talks about CX and Lego Serious Play! Sirte is based in Finland, running a CX Consultancy called Shirute:

In this episode, we talk Lego (which I'm personally obsessed with), the D.O.T principles and how we can do more to understand young people.

This is one of my favourite episodes, based on not only the topics, but the experiences, we can all make in our own businesses and lives.

Feel free to connect with Sirte via LinkedIn!

AmplifiedCX: LEGO Serious Play and Customer Experience

Join Sirte Pihlaja, CEO at Shirute and leader of CXPA's Finland network, as she introduces you the core concepts of LEGO® Serious Play® to change how you think about building a customer-centric culture. You will be introduced to the toolbox of LEGO® Serious Play® and CX Play®. Sirte will explain how to solve complex challenges, turn the abstract to concrete and achieve a common customer understanding using play and creativity.

Let's Talk Business - Expert Talk: Customer Experience with Sirte Pihlaja

Learn what the experts think about leading issues in business.

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation.”

- Plato, Athenian philosopher


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