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"An invaluable resource for
all CX professionals"

Customer Experience 2 tops the charts as the #1 best selling book on Amazon e.g. in the “Customer Service” and “Consumer Behaviour” categories in multiple countries (USA, UK, Canada and France, etc),
making the co-authors Best Selling Authors on three continents.

One can hardly surf the internet, read the news, or watch entertainment these days without encountering a mention of Customer Experience – not surprising given the 165 million Google search results on the topic. CX has become the epicentre of all business strategies.

The extraordinary growth of interest also creates new questions: What is CX, and what is not? What are proven, real-world CX practices? How is CX similar and different throughout the world? What is needed next to advance the practice of CX? The answers to these and other current questions can be found in the Customer Experience 2 book.

“There has never been a more important time for a book like ‘Customer Experience 2’. The global impacts of COVID-19 challenge every business to focus on what’s most important – building and maintaining a positive customer relationship. The authors present authentic voices and perspectives based on practical CX experience. You can trust that this book is built on a solid foundation, with accomplished guides who have met the professional standards for the practice of CX.” 

- Greg Melia, CEO of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA)


Understand your customers 
and how to grow your business with CX

No fear. No doubts. This is the wake-up call you have been waiting for. 

Get Ready, Get Serious, PLAY!

What is the role of PLAY in BUSINESS?
Featuring the only Nordic writer of this book!

"​We all need to find out how to tap into the inner child within us and become more creative for businesses to grow. There’s no other way to come out of this crisis than to allow ourselves space to think differently. We can’t go back to the old, so let’s embrace the new normal."

Sirte Pihlaja, CEO, ​CCXP, Trained Facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, Shirute Ltd

Take part in a Shirute CX Play workshop to see what is means to
give your brain a hand and how much you can learn.


Sirte Pihlaja, the CEO of Shirute, is a Finnish CX/EX expert, who has been evangelising CX all over the world during the last 25+ years. Her passion is using creative methodologies in designing great CX and EX. That is why she wrote about customer-centric culture and on the Role of Play in Business. In her chapter, she introduces LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® - a methodology that LEGO created for themselves when they needed to renew their business, as they were facing significant financial difficulties, not very much unlike the present.


Get to know Customer Experience 2


Strategies and Insights
For Impact & Visibility

In their newly released book, twenty-four international Customer Experience (CX) professionals share their current best-thinking, strategies and insights for achieving impact and visibility using world-class, best-practice CX principles. This book is packed with frontline experience, insight and value for anyone wanting to enhance the customer experience in their organisation dramatically.

​​Learn Best Practices
From Around The World

The book covers a range of topics including: customer-centric culture, organisational adoption and accountability, VoC insight and understanding, CX design and improvement, CX metrics, measurement and ROI, and CX strategy. These are all themes which are critical in making a company genuinely customer-centric and allowing for business growth.

Best Thinking From
24 CX Professionals

The contributors are experienced, qualified and certified CX experts including Greg Melia (CEO CXPA), Ian Golding (Editor), Naeem Arif (Editor), Marleen van Wijk, Sirte Pihlaja, Stefan Osthaus, Daniel Hoff-Rodrigues, Gayana Helder, Olga Guseva, Ruth Crowley, Spiros Milonas, Olga Potaptseva, Nick Lygo-Baker, Richard Jordan, Stacy Sherman, Bruno Guimarães, Betül Yılmaz, Michelle Badenhorst, Patricia Sanchez Diaz, Alec Dalton, Janelle Mansfield, Christopher Brooks, Hannah Foley, Umer Asif, Sarb Rana, Sharon Boyd and Katie Stabler.

Sirte Pihlaja

Sirte Pihlaja (CCXP, Trained Facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®) is the CEO of Shirute Ltd, the first customer experience agency in Finland. She is an internationally recognised CX/EX expert, coach, keynote speaker, designer and strategist with over 25 years of experience in advising large corporations and brands in various industries and countries.

Sirte is the leader of CXPA's Finland network, member of the International Advisory Committee and one of CXPA's founding members. She was one of the first Europeans to have been certified as a CCXP.

Customer Experience 2 is her second book on people experiences.

When Sirte is not playing with LEGO bricks with her clients, she is passionately championing CX in the Nordics and beyond and is a familiar face in international CX Awards juries and conference stages.

Sirte Pihlaja was recently recognised as a TOP 150 Global Customer Experience Thought Leader. The CXPA has also awarded her the Extra Mile Award.


Understand your customers 
and how to grow your business with CX

No fear. No doubts. This is the wake-up call you have been waiting for. 

"I've enjoyed the learnings from your writing, Sirte. It's amazing how many applications there are for LEGO Serious Play!"

- Alec Dalton, Senior Manager, Global Quality, Marriott International


Listen to Sirte Pihlaja talking about
People Experiences and the Role of PLAY in Business.

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When ReCX talked CX with Sirte Pihlaja from Shirute

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation.”

- Plato, Athenian philosopher


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