Shirute CEM Audit
for Customer-Centric

Get ready to...

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    Get an overview of what people across your organisation think about your current state of Customer Experience Management in different competency areas 
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    Learn more about CEM competencies from external CX professionals and how to get your organisation to invest in development activities
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    Get specific tips and advice on how to develop different capability areas of your Customer Experience Management

Want to know how successful your
Customer Experience Management
activities are?

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone in your organisation understood 
the importance of Customer Experience Management?

Would you like to have a CX professional as a sparring partner to help you?

We are glad to help you with finding out your performance level and how to improve!

Shirute CEM Audit helps your organisation to discover the improvement opportunities of your Customer Experience Management practices.

Our CEM Audit consists of six modules that can be conducted together, separately, or by picking a set of modules that fit the needs and wants of your organisation. All the modules include eye-opening interviews, questionnaires and workshops. As many people from different parts of the organisation will be taking part in this audit, it will also help to raise the awareness of the importance of customer experience all over your organisation. 

By taking part in our CEM Audit, you will get comprehensive conclusions about the state of the Customer Experience Management in your organisation. You will also receive concrete suggestions for the next steps that you should take to improve your performance. You will also get tools to communicate at all levels of your organisation, and to move Customer Experience Management to the next level.

“It is immensely valuable that we can evaluate how customer focused our actions are and what the level of our competences is. Shirute CEM Audit brought us added value by giving the perspective of the expert. With professionals evaluating our actions, we get more quality, depth and objectivity.”  

- Teemu Naumanen, Director Operative, K-Group, Kesko, Grocery Trade


Get your Shirute CEM Audit now

 Find focus areas. Get tools to communicate. Learn best practices.

What You'll Get ...

Expert view on your current state and concrete recommendations
for the steps you need to take to reach the next level.

"Having Shirute audit your CEM maturity can reveal areas that have been left ignored and areas that need more attention. At its best, it can reveal how people act in real life - compared to what they presume to be happening - in the organisation."

Hanna Kortström, Customer Experience and Research team, K-Group, Kesko, Grocery Trade

Try the CEM Audit out yourself and find the areas where you should be focusing on. 


Could you do more to provide your customers with outstanding experiences? Need tools to move the topic a notch higher in your organisation? Would you like to know the best practices? 


Shirute CEM Audit 
brings you the following benefits

Expert Know-How

 With our CEM self-assessment you can learn important things about your Customer Experience Management maturity. But with us as your coach providing you with external professional customer experience know-how, you can learn and gain so much more.

Overview & Best Practices

Our audits include people from across your organisation. This will help you to get customer experience in the center of the activities for every department. Learn how systematically you and your colleagues do Customer Experience Management, and where you need to improve on your skills.

Next Steps

The positive effects of our CEM Audit won't stop on receiving the end report, as in addition to our conclusions, you will receive concrete recommendations on what to do next to get better at Customer Experience Management. We can also act as your sparring partner to reach higher.

"Shirute's CEM Audit and the broad external evaluation of our know-how is a great tool to take CEM forward within our organisation. For us, it has taken the topic one notch higher. It would be useful to do the audit frequently."

- Jouni Petrow, Customer Experience Director, Elisa, Telecom and digital services provider

Shirute CEM Audit consists of 6 modules:


You can pick'n'mix
the perfect combination 
for your organisation 

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    Customer Experience Strategy
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    Voice of Customer
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    Customer Experience  Performance
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    Employee Experience
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    Customer Intelligence
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    Customer Dialogue


What's on the Shirute CEM Audit menu for you?


Do you have an ​invincible
customer experience strategy?

Have you crafted a CX strategy that is clearly communicated to all levels in your organisation? Does everyone know their role in creating great customer experiences? Let's find out together! We can help you to reach your customers better, point out the gaps, and help you to hit a home-run with a new customer focused customer experience strategy.

Learn to listen and act 
by organising around
the Voice of your Customers

We want to help you to get the voice of your customers truly heard in your organisation. Don't just measure, but turn your enterprise feedback management into a profit-making engine. By having us audit your tools and processes, you will learn your strengths and weaknesses. And we will tell you how to develop further.

Get to know how
your customers think
you perform

Having a professionally run Customer Experience Management organisation is by no means enough in today's business world. We will help you to find out how your organisation's view of the customer experiences you provide match with how your customers really experience your services, and analyse your true performance levels. Wouldn't you like to have the biggest bang for your buck?

"Shirute's CEM Audit gave us a good overview of our Voice of Customer skills by gathering different perspectives of our strengths and weaknesses from across the organisation. It was also important for us that we could benchmark us against other companies. We have been able to use the results of this project immediately to prioritise our development activities."

- Noora Lainio, Sales Director, SMB Customers, Elisa, Telecom and digital services provider

Good employee experiences 
result in great
customer experiences

If you want to create outstanding customer experiences, you must first focus on your Employee Experiences. Because motivated employees show their enthusiasm directly to your customers. Forget about employee satisfaction surveys and start fostering a culture of trust and engagement. We can set you on the right path.

Manage smartly with 
Customer Intelligence

Learn how you could use Customer Intelligence as a tool in your Customer Experience Management toolkit. Have us audit where you start with your data, and we will tell you what you need to do to gain more benefits from what you already know about your customers.

Start a real dialogue
with your customers

We live in a world of always-on media, where it takes two to tango. It is time to shift from a marketing monologue to genuine Customer Dialogue. Our audit tells you where you are at and where you should be heading to reach and serve your customers better.

Having a hard time deciding which treats to pick?


We are here to help you
get on the right track 

Not quite sure where you should start? Don't worry, you can get all the modules or we can help you to find out which ones serve your organisation the best.


Get your Shirute CEM Audit now

Get evaluated with quality, depth and objectivity.

Get to the next level 
to engage your customers 
and your organisation

Based on our CEM studies, the investments on customer experience pay off as better ROI. But what if you invest in the wrong activities or lack the skills and best practices to make them count? If you are not a beginner in the game of people experiences, do you truly know what is the best move to take next?

Our service path consists of tailor-made questionnaires, interviews and workshops that will help you and your colleagues to focus on the vital areas of great Customer Experience Management. We are influencers of Nordic Design Thinking, with a perfect track-record extending over 25 years. We have helped organisations across a wide range of industries, at all levels of CEM maturity to flourish. Because we love what we do, we have been praised by both our international clients and those in Finland.

We bring the best competencies and global expertise to your advantage. The results of our audits help you to understand your current competency levels, and can be used as a tool to communicate about the importance of Customer Experience Management within your organisation. You will also get recommendations on the areas where you can improve to get your skill set to the next level. Because we know where you should be now to strive to outperform your competition.

The best moment to start focusing on Customer Experience Management 
as your competitors are already doing so.

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    Score your CEM capability levels
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    Get clear numeric data to support investments in CEM
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    Benchmark against others
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    Understand where you should focus to get to the next level



Get your Shirute CEM Audit now

 Use Shirute CEM Audit to improve your customer experiences faster than your competition.

"The value of Shirute's CEM Audit is in the opportunity of taking the topic forward in the organisation based on the results."

- Merja Vane-Tempest, Customer Experience Development, Elisa, Telecom and digital services provider


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