Why should you get your organisation trained?

The CX Masterclass takes customer experience to the next level – from managing to innovating the experience. Based on Ian Golding’s latest book, ‘Customer What’, it explores why and how brands transform their markets.

Delivering a branded customer experience people love

You’ve read the books, you’ve attended the conferences, you’ve followed the blogs and you may already be involved in some kind of branding or experience programme within your organisation.  

But perhaps things are moving a little too slowly, you’re not creating alignment, there’s confusion about where to start, a lack of clarity about where to invest, confusion about how to deliver an experience across channels, the enthusiasm’s waning, the strategy’s uninspiring, or you are just not seeing the results you expected. Or perhaps you haven’t even started yet and want to get it right first time. If any of these resonate, this workshop is for you.

This highly engaging CX training programme uses case studies to illustrate the principles and allows participants to apply these principles to their own situation with coaching from the facilitator. For this reason, we recommend that also several senior executives from the organisation attend so that together, they can address real business issues.

In this masterclass, Ian Golding will share the findings from the research for his best-selling book, and some of the techniques his company, uses to help organisations become purposeful in their direction and in the experience they deliver to customers.


The workshop will enable participants to:

  • Understand the practices and behaviours that will enable them to transform their markets
  • Understand how to align the organisation behind a customer-focused purpose
  • Define a genuinely differentiating brand promise
  • Deliver a customer experience that is dramatically different and drives customer advocacy

  • Create an employee culture that is as distinctive as the customer experience
  • Find, hire and retain employees that fit the ‘DNA’
  • Use social media and digital marketing to create a community of brand fans
  • Understand how to measure and sustain the experience to generate a positive ROI