CX MASTERCLASS: It’s All About Value Creation

If you want to validate your knowledge, learn new things, or just be inspired to keep putting customers and employees at the forefront of your organisations thinking, this training will do just that and more.

Day 1

Session 1: Developing your strategy and goals for Experience Management (2.5 hours)

Without a defined customer and employee experience strategy, brands have no chance of moving beyond mere find-and-fix, reactive customer experience programs. Truly engaging customers and delivering business value requires well thought out strategy and plan. In this session, we will explore:

  • The realities and consequences of the disconnect between CX and corporate strategy.
  • How experience professionals can inform brand strategy
  • The role CX strategy plays on the path to business transformation

Our workshop includes the outline and development of an experience strategy and plan with defined steps, activities and a roadmap for success.

Session 2: Defining your Measures, Metrics and Business Value Framework (2 hours)

Translating engagement to business results and balancing financial goals with the demands of creating compelling customer experiences is a constant challenge. Learn how to build and communicate models so the organization (and each stakeholder) sees the value of delivering a great customer and employee experience.  Learn to target, measure and achieve financial benefits from experience improvements – while you engage your customers. Embed structure for experience benefits into your internal processes, discover the art and science of tracking benefits realization and avoid common CX challenges.

Session 3: Designing for Business Impact, ROI  and Value Creation (2 hours)

Defining success for your experience discipline takes more than voice of customer and metrics. It requires linkage to true financial impacts. We will cover key points of building a financial results framework, share two case studies and provide frameworks and approaches you can use to build the financial impact story for your practice.

Learn how to:

  • Develop a framework to build business cases for customer and employee experience
  • Tie experience management to your brand’s growth goals
  • Tips to gain and maintain solid executive support
  • Discover how building your skill in this area can help accelerate your roadmap and success for your brand
Day 2

CEM Benchmark

Do you know how well your organisation takes care of its customers? This is your chance to benchmark how you compare to others!

As a pre-assignment to CX Masterclass, we provide participants with the unique opportunity to get your Customer Experience Management Maturity Score. Our CEM Benchmark is now used already for the 9th year to study the State of Customer Experience in Finland. The Shirute Customer Experience Management Index™ evaluates five areas related to customer experience management:

  1. Scope
  2. Organisation and governance
  3. Culture
  4. Processes
  5. Tools

Additional information on the Shirute CEM Benchmark can be found online on our website.

Insights to Action:  Discovering the right experience opportunity and how to design engaging experiences

Converting insights to action is a challenge for many practitioners.  Our hands-on workshop will help you develop human centered design thinking and practice techniques to build better insights, innovation and interactions. You’ll learn ways to build your team’s talent, drive innovation, and build stronger internal relationships.   ​

We will work together to:

  • Explore the insights and design process
  • Understand the value and impact of intentional design and how to prove the business case for building and integrating design into every part of your organization
  • Practice insight and innovation techniques with hands-on exercises and develop your design skills

Join us for this hands-on working session that will provide some approaches for thinking differently about customers and opportunities.  We will explore insights and innovation techniques with real exercises (take-back workbook included) that can generate bold, new ideas and solutions and help build collaboration and engagement among your teams.