Customer Experience in Retail Best Practices Report


When the Global CX Cares group, a group of 40 renowned customer experience professionals from all over the world, come together and decide to raise awareness of customer experience benefits using their knowledge and expertise, only great things can happen.

CX Wrappings is our third global initiative, and we are very proud of it! The main purpose of this initiative is to share CX ideas and inspire organisations from various sectors to build and maintain customer experience excellence in a practical way, with a global footprint and with CX professionals from all over the world.

Most businesses are struggling right now due to the consequences of Covid-19. We, as Global CX Cares group, strongly believe that organisations can overcome these challenges by using customer experience solutions and best practices from the shared knowledge of Customer Experience professionals.

We conducted research, interviewing professionals from the reilt sector located in four continents. We asked them five questions around Covid-19 challenges, the importance of Customer Experience and what businesses should do in terms of CX to come out of the crisis.

Here are the results. Please share them with your colleagues and peers!