Sirte Pihlaja joins Customer Directors on Board advisors

The CEO of Shirute and CXPA Finland LNE Head Sirte Pihlaja has been asked to join the CX advisors at Customer Directors On Board. This group consists of Customer Experience experts, who want to develop customer thinking in the strategic decision making of companies and other organisations.

CXPA Finland is also participating in the study of Customer Advocates on Board project, which makes a current state analysis of management and board practices from the perspective of customer thinking. The goal is to help the Finnish businesses start on a journey to deeper customer-centricity, and goal-oriented utilisation of customer insight. To support this target, the network of customer experience professionals CXPA Finland will organise special events for board members on customer experience. These events will take place during this fall.

Teleoperators rule the State of Customer Experience 2017 in Finland results

Finnish organisations are starting to dare invest in customer experience management, as there are visible effects and returns on investment. Almost 9 out of 10 believes that their investments have been profitable. They also tell that CX related activities have affected their turnover during the past year. These were some of the most interesting results from the research done by Shirute Ltd for CXPA Finland. The most capable organisations in CEM were published at the CXPA Finland summer party. Telia was again number one, with DNA, Elisa and Paroc ranked second in our State of Customer Experience Management in Finland 2017 survey.


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